What Kind Of Delicate UK Tudor Replica Watches That Worn By David Beckham?

Recently, Tudor announced that David Beckham has become the new spokesperson of Tudor. This incident has been known in the watch aficionados. So I will show something deeper for you. What kind of Tudor watch that worn by David Beckham?

First of all, let’s take a look at the spokesmen of Tudor.

In the very long period of time, there is no spokesman for Tudor. The previous spokesman can trace 1997, at that time, the spokesman was Tiger Woods until 2002. now, there are two spokesmen, one is Beckham, another is All Blacks. All Blacks endorse the black fake Tudor Black Bay watches and Beckham endorses the fake Tudor Black Bay S&G and the fake Tudor Black Bay Chrono watches. And in the picture, Beckham just wore the replica Tudor Black Bay S&G watches.

This is the first time Tudor launched the gold and stainless steel replica Tudor watches which are also the most luxurious watches at present.

As we have seen, in 2012, Tudor had massive transformation. In 2012, Tudor replica watches begin to launched the luminous scale replica Tudor Black Bay watches. From the red, blue and black replica Tudor watches with 2824 movement, to the blue and black fake Tudor watches with MT5612/5601 movement, finally revealing this gold and stainless steel fake Tudor watch, stepping to the peak of Tudor sport watches.

This fake Tudor watch on Beckham’s wrist named Tudor Black Bay S&G, S means stainless steel, G means the gold. We can see that this fake Tudor watch doe not name after the traditional ways of Rolex, using rolesor, but with S&G. You can see from this point that the Tudor is different from Rolex. Only from the appearance, we can see that there is no different between the using of stainless steel and gold of Tudor and gold fake Rolex Submariner watches. However, we need to pay attention to the details, that with a lot of differences compare with Rolex.

You can see from the bracelet, for Tudor, no matter for the gold place or the stainless steel place, that are all brushed, for Rolex, the gold just polished, the stainless steel just brushed.

This fake Tudor Black Bay S&G watch that wore on Beckham’s wrist, as the main type, is one of the most expensive diver watches for Tudor.

Although the replica Tudor watches are not famous as replica Rolex watches, but with the rise of the value of the black dial fake Tudor watches, and also with the generalize of spokesman, I think this replica Tudor watch would become more and more popular.

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