UK Magnificent Omega Museum Replica Watches Pay Tribute To History

History is an intangible asset for each brand. It can record glorious moments and lessons, and it is an indispensable treasure for watches. Recently more and more watch brands launch the special perfect fake watches to reproduce their classic models in history. Today we will have a look at those vintage models of Omega.

Omega launched 10 Museum collections which were all under serious standard: firstly each watch should have more than 50 years’ history; secondly, the most distinctive and historical models will be selected according to the background stories.


The Arabic numerals hour markers are striking on the black dial.
Omega Replica With Black Dial

The first one launched in 2000 was a ref.1938 pilot watch which maintained the standard appearance of original pilot watches, offering great readability under any condition. The Omega copy with brown leather strap was so popular when it appeared on Baselworld, so Omega had to increase the quantity from 1,938 to 4,938 pieces.

No.2:Cosmic 1951

The timepiece was equipped with multiple functions.
Rose Gold Case Copy Omega Watch

The second one was launched in 2001, reproducing the appearance of the first Cosmic moon phase watch in 1951. The original movement was a complicated movement equipped with day of the week, calendar, month and moon phase. While the special watch with blue dial presents the modern style beyond the times.

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