Longines Equestrian Replica Cheap Watches UK With Blue Steel Hands Of Good Popularity

Equestrian collection is an exquisite collection whose target customers are female people. Its products have diversity designs. Some have round cases and some have square ones. The ways to connect cases to bracelets or straps are also different. The elegant Longines Equestrian copy watches I am introducing are carried with Calibre L963, Swiss quartz movements. The quartz movements have long-lasting and persistent performances.

The whole watch body is all made of polished steel. Their cases are square but have soft lines. The silver dials have the “flinqué” decorative patterns. Their hour markers are blue painted Roman numerals. There are just hour and minute hands in the center. There are no indicators or sub-dials on the whole dials. The case size is tiny, suitable for ladies’ slender wrists. What’s more, the bezel is decorated with 56 shiny diamonds whose total weight is about 0.28 karats.

Their composite sapphire glasses are scratch-resistant and anti-glare. Longines fake watches with quartz movements use many brilliant details to emphasize the high-level elegance. The simple and neat designs, delicate and shiny decorations all contribute to an excellent ladies’ watch. Most ladies would wear them as a daily companion.

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