Introducing Some Knowledge Of Maintenance Of UK Luxury Replica Watches

Many watch lovers will have the questions such as: how often does the watch need maintenance or will the polished finish on gold watch affect the value of timepiece? Here I will introduce some knowledge of the maintenance of wristwatches.

1, How to store the watch?

Moisture and dust are the nemesis of watches. So you’d better maintain your watches in the dry and homothermal environment. If moisture enters the watch, the condensed moisture can damage the dial and cause the movement to rust. Watches released in the 1940s are more sensitive to humidity, while watches created after the 1960s do not have to worry too much.

Although the light can fade the black dial of the antique watch to “tropical” or “chocolate”. Depending on the brand, model and aesthetics, these special aging forms can add extra value to the watch, such as the antique Rolex copy watch with black and red bezel. But the watch should be kept away from light.

Generally speaking, the watch should be stored in the dry and homothermal environment.
Rolex Imitation With Chocolate Dial

2, How often should the watch be maintained?

Referring to the answer of this question, I will say it all depends. If you often wear the watch and the environment is dusty, then your watch should be maintained once a year or once every two years. If you don’t usually wear the watch even you only wear several times in a year, then your watch may not have to be maintained within 10 years. Meanwhile, if it is a chronograph, then maintenance needs to be more frequent. Such as the Rolex Daytona fake with Oystersteel case.

The chronograph timepiece should maintained frequently.
Rolex Daytona Copy With Oystersteel Bracelet

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