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Cheap Replica Vacheron Constantin Watches UK

— Second model in the Métiers d’Art Florilège collection.

Métiers d’Art Florilège, montre rose Centifolia

A few weeks ago, we introduced you the Vacheron Constantin Métiers d’Art Florilège collection and we presented you the first creation derived from this new collection, the Renealmia watch. Here is the second timepiece, the Rose Centifolia replica watches UK.

The rose centifolia– a beauty with countless petals – stems from extensive crossbreeding between wild varieties from the Caucasus and Iran. It is also appreciated by devotees of flowering plants for its abundant fragrant flower production. The rose on the dial of this model has been “plucked” at the heart of a densely flowered bush on the original plate and drawn by Thornton himself who, although a medical doctor, was also endowed with undeniable artistic gifts. The master enamellist has played on a palette of pink shades with soft, fluffy effects against a background of subtle pearly grey shades lit up by delicate guilloché motifs literally capturing the light in the enamel.

Métiers d’Art Florilège, montre rose Centifolia

The Rose Centifolia watch (ref. 82550/000G-9919) bears the Hallmark of Geneva.

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