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Cheap Replica Cartier Watches UK

— Master of ceremonies Lambert Wilson chooses Replica Cartier for UK the 68th edition of the Festival de Cannes.

Lambert Wilson, Cartier, Festival de Cannes 2015

With a penchant for elegance perfectly suited to Cannes, actor Lambert Wilson has made the highly refined choice of two Cartier pinned brooches for the lapel of his jacket for the opening and closing ceremonies.The first brooch forms a floral motif of diamonds and spinels, while the second features a bird adorned with a 15.57-carat orange sapphire cabochon and a 2.94-carat oval-cut padparadsha Ceylon sapphire.

In addition, the actor has chosen to wear a Tank replica watches UK throughout the entire ceremony (picture above). Finally, during the day, he was seen wearing a Clé de Cartier timepiece, the Maison’s latest watchmaking creation..


Lambert Wilson wearing a Clé de Cartier timepiece.
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